About Me


Welcome to Little Eco Life! This website was created by myself, Stacey, as a means of communicating my experiences, tips and thoughts about living an eco-friendly lifestyle.


I began writing in 2014/15 as a mature university student. Using a blog was a great way for me to brain dump and communicate my university experience. I studied for a batchelor of science in Crime and Investigative Studies at Anglia Ruskin University. In 2017, shortly before graduation, I was fortunate enough to have me hard work rewarded and I landed a job within the forensic science industry. My fiancé and I moved from Essex to Oxfordshire in the summer of 2017.

Why Eco Friendly?

Moving to Oxfordshire was a shock to the system. The living costs here are a lot higher than they were in my hometown! Our tiny one bedroom flat was expensive and we had to make some lifestyle adjustments. Although I had always been aware of some environmental issues, I had never really been overly proactive in my own choices in reducing the impact I had on the planet. I begun to research ways of living a more sustainable lifestyle and the passion for living eco-friendly became more apparant! I love the creativity behind what can be done with items of little recyclable value. I found a new love for upcycling and minimal living.

What’s The Purpose of Little Eco Life?

I started Little Eco Life as a means of blogging my own thoughts on eco-friendly and sustainable ways of living. I have posted tips, upcycle projects and support in favour of sustainable movements. You’ll also find another passion of mine relating to travel! I am a keen traveller and whilst I understand that travelling isn’t the most sustainable way of living, I think it’s so important to live your life and enjoy your passions! Nowdays, I travel much lighter and plan my tips in order to reduce my carbon footprint as best I can.
I am on social media – on Facebook, I tend to share my blog posts but I also like to share interesting articles from other pages about sustainability and ecofriendly living. My Twitter account is focused on supporting small businesses and promoting ecofriendly blog topics and my instagram is a small insight into what I get up to!
I do have a small sideline sewing hobby which is available to buy via Etsy. I have been making cutlery wraps and plan to expand!

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